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Jul.17th 2017「Results of the Promotion Dan Test」Renewed

Feb.25th 2017「Results of the Promotion Dan Test」Renewed

Feb.27th「Facility Availability」Renewed

2015.Fev.25th「Facility Availability」Renewed

Jun.1th「2014 Europe Seminar」Up-loaded

Mar.1th「2014 Training Plan」Up-loaded


Dec.24th「Christmas Message」Up-loaded

Sep.6th「Facility Availability」Renewed

April.29th「2012 Project Plan」Up-loaded

Feb.12th「2011 Argentina Seminar」Up-loaded

Jan.17th「Facility Availability」Up-loaded

Jan.1th「New Years Greetings」Up-loaded

Dec.24th「Licence Deliverer」Up-loaded

Dec.3th「Video Links」Renewed

・Feb.16th 「List of the Dojos Overseas」Up-loaded

・Jan.1th 2011 「2011Greeting of the New Year」Up-loaded

・Dec.24th 「Christmas Message」Up-loaded

・Jul.11th  「News from Urasoe Dojo」Up-loaded

・Jun.3rd  「List of Director and Staff」Up-loaded

・May 12th 「Assumption Address」Up-loaded

・May 8th 「Site Links」Up-loaded

・May 8th 「Retirement Address」Up-loaded

・May 8th 「Heisei 22nd Project Plan」Up-loaded

・Feb.27th 「Regulations to Recognize a Dojo」Up-loaded

・Jan. 13th , 2010 「Greeting of the New Year」 Up-loaded

・Dec. 30th 「Introduction of the Director」Up-loaded

・Dec. 28th 2009 Up-loaded Official Home Page of the Okinawa Karate Do Association

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