The Okinawa Karatedo Association (OKIKUKAI) was established in order to transfer and train the intangible cultural arts of Karate in Okinawa.

The members improve together by encouraging each other during the transfer of Karatedo, training of their minds and bodies, and cultivating their character.

The society started as Syubukai in Showa 8th(1919th) , moved in Uechiryu Karatedo Association in Showa 46th(1971) , and then created and developed into Okinawa Karatedo Association(OKIKUKAI) in the first year of Heisei. It has 80 years of history.

We dissolved the Uechiryu Karatedo Association for the sake of reform, and started over again in The Okinawa Karatedo Association in order to change our mental attitude on April 1st , the first year (1989th ) of the Heisei, OKIKUKAI is its abbreviation. We abandoned the use of the small ryuha name as an organization in order to cope with internationalization.

We have brought to the front Okinawa and Karate which is a commonly recognized throughout the international community as that Okinawa is Karate, Karate is Okinawa. We changed the organization’s name in order to fulfill our mission as the cultural organization to successfully develop the arts and culture of Okinawa. We set sail to globalization with the name of OKIKUKAI. It is a new start in name for a new reality.


1 The center of circle (Red and White)
It is Okinawa prefecture’s emblem

2 A comma-shaped design (White and Yellow)
Sho family crest since King Shotoku (1461st through 1469th ) It is a symbol of King Ryukyu lineage (Left circle technique of a Japanese halberd )

3 Circle as an entirety
Ever lasting Peace, Justice, and Equality

Meaning of the whole coat of arms
The emblem is really a composite of two symbols, one representing the old Okinawa and one the new. The off-center circle is the official prefectural symbol of Okinawa; the outer red ring represents the ocean, the inner white ring peace, and the central red sphere means development or progress. This symbol of modern Okinawa is enclosed within a symbol of the ancient Ryukyuan kingdom consisting of three yellow waves that circle a white region. The Okikukai emblem combines symbols to represent the continuity of ancient Ryukyuan values within modern-day Okinawa, and the concentric circles motif symbolizes the eternity of Heaven and Earth, self-completion, equality, and peace. This whirling vision of justice and peace, so central to the Okikukai philosophy, is also the confident expression of the belief that the ancient Ryukyu ethos continues and will continue to enliven Okinawan life.

(The emblem was designed by Mr. Takao Sakiyama, Kyoshi 8th Dan)

Introduction of The SHOHEIRYU
Introduction of Shoheiryu on November 16th 、1995. The Board of Directors of the Okinawa Karatedo Association created a new school (ryuha) and officially named it SHOHEIRYU, choosing this one from 28 proposed names.

The name SHOHEIRYU was chosen for the historical significance, and also because its meaning speaks to all the members of the Okinawa Karatedo Association, regardless of nationality. The word comes from two Chinese characters, SHO and HEI, the first of which means “to shine brightly” and the second of which means fairness”, “equality”, and “peace”.

SHOHEIRYU’s name and year of origin also express another level of significance, one relating more particularly to Okinawan history and philosophy, In 1989 the Okinawan Karatedo Association came into existence, the same year that the present emperor of Japan acceded to the throne. The era name changed from SHOWA to HEISEI, and SHOHEIRYU, referring to both eras, is analogous of the old and the new. It is our choice, as modern Okinawa, to neither reject the past nor ignore the future, and so our name represents the meeting and mixing of historical eras and is also a reminder of historical events which the world must never forget. It is highly significant that SHOHEIRYU has come into being in 1995, the fiftieth anniversary of the END of the Battle of Okinawa and the Pacific War.

SHOHEIRYU, thus, is a name to mark the epic changes of our time, and the name also proclaims our deep-seated attitudes toward history and tradition. The poet Basho once taught us not to walk only in the physical footprints of the ancients, but to follow their creative mentality. We believe this, but we also “Walk in the footprints of the ancients to know the present”. In the development of this new “ryuha” the members of the Okinawa Karatedo Association resolve to enrich our lives both technically and spiritually. Thus, the SHOHEIRYU promises unlimited and everlasting development of the Okinawa Karatedo Association in the days to come.

Successive president of OKIKUKAI
The first president Mr. Ryuko Tomoyose (Hanshi 10th Dan) (1989~ )

Second president Mr. Tsutomu Nakahodo (Hanshi 10th Dan) (1996~ )

Third president Mr. Hiroshi Inada (Hanshi 10th Dan) (2002~ )

Fourth president Mr. Kosuke Yonamine (Hanshi 10th Dan) (2004~ )

Fifth president Mr. Nobuhide Asato (Hanshi 10th Dan) (2008~ )

Sixth president Mr. Tsutomu Nakahodo (Hanshi 10th Dan) (2010~ )

Seventh president Mr. Toshio Higa (Hanshi 10th Dan) (2012~ )

Taking place of the championship tournament
OKIKUKAI holds “Boys championship tournament, “Adults championship tournament”, “All Okinawa championship tournament”. They are important events in order to cement the mutual solidarity, strength and improvement of the organization,
◎ Adults championship tournament was held for the first time in 1967 (Showa 42nd ). They competed waza in jiyu-kumite as most karate practitioners want to do and cultivated their mind by working hard and training both their mind and body. At that time, some scholars had been developing the idea to deny the jiyu-kumite. The tournament had been held every August, and had the 42nd in 2009th (Heisei 21st ). The tournament was held in part of Kyu, Dan and prime, and then Kata in individual, group, and Kumite in individual.
◎ The first all Okinawa championship tournament was held on December 3rd 1978 (Showa 63rd ). We recruited athletes from each school inside and outside the prefecture, who fought with all their might of Shin(心)・Gi(技)・Tai(体)、and held the world championship tournament by young men across school lines. We held the 20th anniversary tournament in 1998 (Heisei 10th ), after that it had been suspended, but resumed in 2003 (Heisei 15th) 4 years after, and then, the 2008 All Okinawa Karatedo championship tournament was held on November 9th 2008. It was the 26th tournament. Our activity is said to set the scene for crossing international boundries beyond the school and played a pioneering role in terms of international exchange and dissemination of Budo-Karate. In 26 tournaments, athletes from the USA, Australia, and Argentina have won, however Mr. Nobuhide Higa won 8 tournaments and also won 7 successive victories, that is an incident worthy of mention. He accomplished the splendid feat of winning. Each time he had to wage a fierce battle with athletes from other schools and veterans from over ten foreign countries. The winner of the last tournament’s 20th anniversary was Mr. Koei Asato. The tournament has been usually held in November. 2009 All Okinawa Tournament was partly postponed because of the holding of 2009 Okinawa Traditional Karatedo World Tournament sponsored by the Society for the Advancement of the Traditional Okinawa Karate.
◎ The Boys tournament was held for elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students, then they presented the results of the daily training with individual Kata, group Kata, and individual Kumite. The 30th tournament was held in 2009 (Heisei 21st ), in which the flag system was adopted for Kata, and also Jodan-Tsuki and Jodan-Keri with Menho in Kumite was accepted, this focused on safety and reduce the limitation of technique. This tournament has contributed to the expansion of the base of Budo-Karate and healthy rearing of young people. This tournament has been held in July each year.

Main events
1995 Construction of the OKIKUKAI Kenshu-kaikan
2004 Held the International Women Bugei Festival
2007 Produced DVD (Uechiryukei-Budokarate no Subete)
2008 Held OKIKUKAI 20th Anniversary Celebration

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