The Regulations to administer Kenshu-Kaikan
Article 1
These regulations based on article 28 of the Okinawa Karatedo Association (referred to as Kenshu-Kaikan hereinafter) establish the matter about the administration, management, humanity training and formation of the domestic and foreign members and boys and girls in the region and intended to promote the public interest of the whole world.
Article 2
Perform following projects in order to achieve purpose of the preceding article.
  • The lodging and training for long and short term of domestic and foreign karate practitioners
  • Promotion of tradition and the development of Okinawan traditional Budo-Karate and the modern completion of karate.
  • Promotion test, Judge meeting for study, Technique meeting for study
  • In addition, various utilities to comply with the purpose of this Kenshu-Kaikan
Article 3
  • The administrator of the Kenshu-Kaikan should be a president (referred to as administrator hereinafter).
  • The administrator shares management and administration duties of the Kenshu-kaikan with a director and can have the director carry it out.
(Limit on users)
Article 4
The person who can use the Kenshu-kaikan should be members of the OKIKUKAI, but a person whom the administrator recognized as in particular need can use the Kenshu-kaikan.
(Approval of use)
Article 5
The administrator can require a necessary condition to the approval of the foregoing paragraph in the management of the Kenshu-Kaikan.
(Revocation of use)
Article 6
When the administrator feels that it is necessary in the management of the Kenshu-Kaikan, the administrator can cancel approval of use of the preceding article 1, or can limit the use.
(Observance of the user)
Article 7
  • The user must follow a matters in each of the following.
    (1) No smoking in designated areas and no use of any other fire.
    (2) Do not place placard on a wall or a pillar without permission and do not drive a nail into a pillar.
    (3) Do not sell articles without permission from the Kenshu-Kaikan.
    (4) Do not do an inappropriate act in the management of the Kenshu-Kaikan.
  • In addition to the preceding paragraph, the user must follow the instruction of the administrator.
(Use charges)
Article 8
The person using the Kenshu-Kaikan shall pay facility fees prescribed separately (Such as utilities and water charges)
(Compensation of damages)
Article 9
When the user damages the facilities and equipment and other objects of the hall intentionally or unintentionally the user must restore the facilities to their conditions prior to the damage or must compensate for the repair of the damage.
(Enforcement of Regulations)
Article 10
Details necessary for the enforcement of these regulations shall be prescribed by the administrator with the approval of the board of directors.
Additional rule
These regulations take effect on April 1st , Heisei 17th .
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