The Regulations for Dojo Recognition
Article 1
These regulations establish the necessary matters for the basis of the agreement of Okinawa Karatedo Kyoukai (hereafter, referred to as “OKIKUKAI”)
Article 2
  • The OKIKUKAI Head Office (hereafter, referred to as “Head Office”) will recognize a dojo as recognized by OKIKUKAI when the following conditions have been satisfied.
    (1) It must satisfy the formation provided by Agreement 3.
    (2) It must satisfy the purpose provided by Agreement 4.
    (3) It must satisfy the conditions to establish dojo provided by Agreement 16.
    (4) It must satisfy the organization provided by Agreement 17.
    (5) It must satisfy additional conditions provided by the Head Office.
  • It must undergo inspection by the board of directors, and get agreement of more than 50% of the attendees.
  • The Head Office should advise and guide the applying dojo as to the necessary conditions which could not be satisfied as per the recognition clause 1 provided by the Head Office. Then the dojo will take the necessary steps to satisfy the conditions.
(Procedure for recognition)
Article 3
A Dojo wishing to achieve recognition by OKIKUKAI must submit the authorization application with recognition fee discussed later.
(Delivery of recognized Certificate)
Article 4
  • he Head Office delivers the recognized Certificate if the board of directors of the head office recognized authorization based on the preceding clause.
  • A dojo recognized by the head office must follow membership procedures.
  • The Head Office must deliver the certificate to the Authorized dojo before the regulations are established
(Matters to observe)
Article 5
All dojo authorized by the Head Office must observe the following rules.
  • You must fulfill the term of an agreement established by OKIKUKAI and follow the rules.
  • Dan-i is approved by the president of OKIKUKAI and registered at the Head Office. Also, all OKIKUKAI members acquired have to apply with the registration fee, and at this moment dan-i becomes official.
  • All OKIKUKAI members conferred dan-i must continually communicate with the Head Office and promote exchange with the Head Office.
  • All OKIKUKAI members who reside domestic and foreign outside of Okinawa have to remain in contact with the dojo located in your area and maintain friendship.
(Revocation of recognition)
Article 6
  • The Head Office will counsel with document or orally to observe the regulations when an authorized dojo violates the regulations and hinders the development of the OKIKUKAI.
  • When a dojo does not follow the OKIKUKAI’s advice, though the dojo was advised, the Head Office will revoke his recognition. The dojo and its members will lose the entire right of belonging to the OKIKUKAI.
Additional rule
  • This regulation will take effect from April 1st ,Heisei 18th .
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