Assumption Address:

I would like to give all of you my assumption address.
I am glad all members of OKIKUKAI are doing well.
I am Tsutomu Nakahodo who was elected the president of OKIKUKAI at the general meeting this past April 11th. I hope you will guide and encourage me as I do my best in order to continue the growth of OKIKUKAI with your positive participation and cooperation. I would like to express my gratitude and respect for Mr Nobuhide Asato who worked hard day and night as the President of OKIKUKAI for 2 years, for the development of OKIKUKAI and promotion of the Okinawan Traditional Karatedo. I hope he will continue to help us with the growth of the OKIKUKAI.
We had great success with the 2009 Okinawa traditional Karatedo World tournament and 10th anniversary Enbutaikai of the Uechuryukei Karate Rengokai and also Mr.Ryuko Tomoyose an honorary president was awarded the meritorious deeds for Okinawa prefecture in Heisei 21th.
Therefore, I would like to improve OKIKUKAI more and more in Heisei 22nd . To be concrete, I want to make the three biggest events of the boys tournament, the Karatedo tournament, and the all Okinawa Karatedo tournament sponsored by OKIKUKAI a great success. And also, I would like to promote the project of the rebuilding of the Kenshukaikan and foreign seminars with the cooperation of all of you.

仲程 力

Association of Okinawa Karate-Do
A chairman Tsutomu Nakahodo

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