Retirement Address:

I would like to give all of you my retirement address.
I believe all of the members of the OKIKUKAI are full of energy and play an active part in our success.
As you may or may not have heard, I have retired as the president of OKIKUKAI as of April 11th. During my two years as president, from Heisei 20th, I worked on management of the organization and tackled several projects with great success. We accomplished much success on our projects and I am very happy to have worked with all of you. I especially owe a great deal to all of you for your cooperation on the 20th Anniversary of OKIKUKAI and The 2009 Okinawan Traditional Karate World Tournament.
Mr. Tsutomu Nakahodo, hanshi 10th dan, was elected the new president of the OKIKUKAI. I hope that all of you will support and cooperate with Mr. Nakahodo. I will do my best to continue with my work promoting the success of Okinawan Traditional Karatedo. I hope you will continue to guide and encourage me and the organization in the future. I will forever deeply appreciate your kindness while I was in office.


Association of Okinawa Karate-Do
Hidenobu Asato

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