Determined Strong Athletes for 2011 All Okinawa Karate-Do Championship Tournament

The OKIKUKAI selected to strengthen athletes that are participant candidates for the 2011 all Okinawa Karate-Do Championship tournament held on this coming November 6 based on the results of the general rally that had been held last July 24th.
They will have joint strength training at the Kenshu-Kaikan every Sunday, in order to challenge the tournament.
In the 2010 tournament, participant, Mr. Hamada of OKIKUKAI won the Kumite, and similarly, the participant, Mr. Nakasone won the Kata. We look forward to this upcoming tournament, who will be victorious in 2011.
The all Okinawa championship is a traditional tournament and the 28th since the first tournament in 1978. Please participate willingly.
Registration is “here” please download and apply with the application.
The OKIKUKAI selected athletes are as follows;
Mr. Asao Nakasone, Mr. Ichiro Irei, Mr. Yuzuru Tokashiki, Mr. Ichiharu Morine,
Mr. Atsushi Hamada, Mr. Hirokuni Takara, Mr. Rogay, and Mr. Hisashi Yamazaki (from Serbia)
Ms. Masako Arashiro, Ms. Hatsumi Miyazato, and Ms. Shoko Tamanaha
Mr. Atsushi Hamada, Mr. Hirokuni Takara, Mr. Ken Hukuchi, Mr. Ichiharu Morine
Mr. Asao Nakasone, Mr. Rogay, Mr. Hisashi Yamazaki (from Serbia),
Mr. Tsuneyoshi Hirayasu, Mr. Yuzuru Tokashiki, and Mr. Yu Takaya

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