2011 Seminar in Argentina
From November 11th to 24th, 2011, Argentina Seminar was held in Buenos Aires. Mr. Yamashiro Hirokuni (8th dan) and Nashiro Seiken (5th dan) responded to invitation of Okikukai Argentina Headquarters.
60 people took part in Argentina Seminar that was held on November 20th. On November 19th,21st and 22nd, practices were conducted in Miyagi Central Tapiales Dojo (Miyagi Kaoru, 9th dan). On 23rd practice was held in San Pedro Dojo (Florencio Yabas, 5th dan). On last day (November, 24th) 5 members of OKIKUKAI Argentina took place in promotion test in Miyagi dojo. All of them has passed the test.
On the way home, Mr. Yamashiro and Mr. Nashiro, held practice in Los Angeles Dojo(Michael De Donato, 5th dan). Mr. Yamashiro and Mr. Nashiro came back home safely, after successfully completing two weeks plan.
Atmosphere on practice

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