2012 OKIKUKAI New Year’s Party
 On Sunday, January 29th, around 30 members of association gather in Headquarters for OKIKUKAI New Year’s party.
After the greeting words of Vice-president, Mr. Arakaki and President, Mr. Nakahodo, Advisor of association Mr. Inada Hiroshi proposed a toast to all members of OKIKUKAI around the globe.
During the dinner, Chief Director, Mr. Uechi, reported on guest list of OKIKUKAI members from abroad who are planning to visit Okinawa this year. He also made a report Mr. Ryuko Tomoyose receiving the “Order of the Rising Sun” (Kyokujitsu-sho), as well as Adviosr, Mr. Takamiyagi being pronounced by Prefectural Government as “Person of Cultural Merit”. The celebration for Mr. Tomoyose and Mr. Takamiyagi and their prestigious orders is planned for the end of February.
Advisor, Mr. Asato gave an introduction to construction plans of “KARATEDO KAIKAN” (Karate Training Center) in Okinawa.
At last, we would like to wish you a good health and all the best in Year 2012.
 Atmosphere on 2012 OKIKUKAI New Year’s Party

Opening greetings
(Mr. Arakaki Takashi, Vice-president)

Greetings from President
(Mr. Nakahodo Tsutomu)

(Mr. Inada Hiroshi, Advisor )


Atmosphere during the dinner

Report of Mr. Uechi Sakae(Chief Director)

Speech of Mr. Asato
(Mr. Asato Nobuhide, Advisor)

Commemorative picture

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