Report for USA Summer Camp (Special Seminar) in 2011
The Magnolia summer camp sponsored by Mr. Shalby Kenney was held in Jackson Mississippi, USA for 6 days from August 1st through August 6th. Also, the following four instructors from OKIKUKAI gave guidance and trained the students of Mr. Mehran Shahkars Dojo in San Francisco on August 7th and 8th .
The four instructors, Mr. Hirokuni Yamashiro (Kyoushi 8th Dan), Mr. Sakae Uechi (Renshi 6th Dan), Mr. Asao Nakasone (4th Dan), and Mr. Ichiharu Morine (3rd Dan) from OKIKUKAI visited the USA in order to train students accepting an invitation by Mr. Shalby Kenney.
We had 40 people participating in the summer camp and 10 training sessions in 4 days with 30 participants on average every time.
Dan test was carried out on the final day, and two students passed for 2nd Dan, and four students for Shodan.
At Mr. Mehran Shahkars Dojo 35 students took training of the Kata and Kumite on both days of August 7th and 8th. The students got an amendment of the Kata and training in Uchikomi of the Kumite. They were very grateful and expressed their gratitude many times.
Mr. Shigeru Takamiyagi (Hanshi 10th Dan) and Mr.Toshio Higa (Hanshi 9th Dan) were supposed to visit USA at first, but their plan has been put off this time due to health reasons.
The circumstances of the summer camp are follows;

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