The Exchange Training between The Urasoe-Dojo and The All Okinawa Shourinryu Karatedo Association
The exchange treining between The Urasoe-Dojo(Mr.Nobuhide Asato)and The Okinawa Shourinryu Karatedo Association(Mr.Eishou Nakazato President) were held on Wednesday, July 7th.
Five students, from The Australia branch of the Association came to Okinawa in order to undergo two weeks of training. The aim of the exchange training is to observe another school of Karate and to broaden the judgment for Okinawa Dento Karatedo. During the exchange training, the members of Urasoe-Dojo performed Hojo Undo, Sanchin-Kitae, Seisan by group, etc. The members of Shourinryu-Karatedo Association performed Ni-Se-Shi, Chatan-Yaranu-Ku-Sanku, Konbo of Bojut
su, Chatan-Yaranu-Sai of Saijutsu, and performed Kata and Waza with each other.
All members moved to Mr. Asato’s House after training and cemented a friendship licking their lips over Mrs. Asato’s cooking. It was an extremely useful exchange training. We hope all Okinawa Shorinryu Karatedo Association will develop, and wish President Nakazato and all member’s continued success.

The members of Urasoe-Dojo and all Okinawa Shorinryu Karate do Association

Mr. Asato gives a welcoming address

Right 5 people are students from Australia

Mr. Eisho Nakazato (center) gives address and introduces his members

Mr. Eisho Nakazato performs Ni-Se-Shi

Mr. Takashi Kanzato performs Chatan Yaranu-Ku-Sanku

Mr.Yukio Nakamura performs Konbo

Mr. Nei Yahuso performs Saijutsu(Chatan Yaranu-Sai)

Students of Urasoe-Dojo

Garden party at Mr. Asato’s House after training

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