2014 Europe Seminar report
“2014 Europe Seminar” was held in Germany from April 17 to April 20, 2014.
As instructors from Okikukai headquarter, Shinmatsu Okuhama (Hanshi 9 dan), Hirokuni Yamashiro (Kyoshi 8 dan), Masanori Yonamine (Kyoshi 8 dan), and Masako Arashiro (5 dan) participated in the seminar.
There were 60 some participants from 6 countries; England, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany (Kenyukai members also participated), Italy and Argentina. During the seminar, there were Kata and Kumite training and lectures on referees, and Dan examination was held on the final day.
Thank you to instructors from Okinawa and to Mr. Röttinger from Germany and other members for planning and running the seminar.
Please see the photos from the seminar…

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