To all members of Okinawa Karate do Association and Karate friends

It is with great pleasure to announce that the second Europe Karate Seminar will be held in Germany same as last year.
The first Seminar was over in big success due to the great effort of Igor 7 dan (President of Karate Club Kranj ) and his students, of course the cooperation of all participants.
Rottinger Shihan in Dojo Erlangen will organize this seminar. Okikukai Headquarters will dispatch Four prominent instructors as below.
I hope all participants would cooperate together for the success of Seminar as well as last year.
I look forward to receiving a good report from every one.
The name of Karate Instructors
* Shinmatsu Okuhama ( Hanshi 9 dan )
* Hirokuni Yamashiro ( Kyoshi 8 dan )
* Masanori Yonamine ( Kyoshi 8 dan )
* Masako Arashiro ( 5 dan )

Higa, Toshio ( President of Okinawa Karate do Association )

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