The report of Europe Seminar 2013
From last August 9 during until 12th,Europe Seminar 2013 was held in Slovenia.
From OKIKUKAI HQ,Mr Tsutomu Nakahodo(hanshi 10dan),Mr Hirokuni Yamashiro(kyoshi 8dan),Mr Masanori Yonamine(kyoshi 8dan),Ms Masako Arashiro(5dan),Paaticipated as instructors.
It was the total number of participants 194 from 10countries and the class of special training,the lesson of the referee and judge and promotion test were counducted too.
We thank Mr Igor Pransnikar (kyoshi 7dan) and his students who were planning and conducting the seminar for their splendid work very much.
As for the seminar having ended in the great success,it will be good guideling for the holding plan of Europe Tournament hosted by OKIKUKAI.
Thank you and your students very much again.
The participating nation of the seminar and the number of people are as follows.
・ Slovenia 93
・ Croatia 48
・ Germany 24
・ Serbia 14
・ Uk 5
・ Italy 5
・ Greece 2
・ Russia 1
・ Switzerland 1
・ Ukraina 1
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