The joint training for the world wide Uchinanchu-Meeting and Karate-Do, Kobudo exchange festival.
A lot of group demonstrations led by OKIKUKAI are scheduled to be shown.
I covered the conditions of the joint training held on September 25th (Sun).
At the exchange festival, the group demonstration of the Kanshiwa by boys and girls, the group demonstration by women Karate practitioners led by OKIKUKAI Ageda women Karate Dojo, the group demonstration of Seryu and Sanchin by the combined association, the Second Sesan by the Konan-Ryu Karate Association, the Ryokukenku by the Society for the Advancement of the Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do and the group demonstration of the Seisan will be performed.
The outlook for the group training is as follows;

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