Magnificent celebration party held to honor Master Tomoyose Ryuko and Master Takamiyagi Shigeru
On February 26th, 2012(Sun), celebration party was held to honor Master Tomoyose, for receiving “The Order of the Rising Sun”(Gold with Silver Rays) and Master Takamiyagi for being pronounced as the “Person of Exceptional Cultural Merit” in Okinawa Prefecture. Party was held in organization of “Okinawa Karatedo Association” (OKIKUKAI) and “Federation of Uechiryu Affiliated School of Karatedo”. Party was sponsored by “Society for Promotion of Karatedo of Okinawa Prefecture”, “Karatedo Federation of Okinawa Prefecture”, “Okinawa International University” and “Meio University”.
Regardless of the rainy weather, alongside with the members of OKIKUKAI, around 250 people gathered to celebrate awards of guests of honor and this great day for Karate. Celebration party started with traditional Okinawan folk dance, Kagiyadefu, followed by the greeting speech of President Master Nakahodo Tsutomu. Master Inada Hiroshi presented the biography of Master Tomoyose. After the presentation of Master Takamiyagi’s biography, given by Mr. Matsushima Ryouji (Chatan Dojo), President of Meio University (Nago City, Okinawa), Mr. Senaha Eiki and President of Okinawa Prefecture Karatedo Federation, Master Arakaaki Isamu gave congratulatory address to honor awarded Masters.
During the dinner, Mrs. Matayoshi Yuki (Nifanu Kai) held Ryukyu dance performance, Higasa (parasol). It was followed by Karate presentation of Sanseiryu, by Yamasaki Vukelic Hisashi (Chatana Dojo, OKIKUKAI Serbia) and performance of Karate Buyou (Karate dance), by Kinjo Masami (Koburyu) and Kobudo (Koubu no Eiku), by the President of “Federation of Uechiryu Affiliated School of Karatedo”, Kinjyo Takashi (Koburyu).
At the end flowers were presented to guests of honor, who gave their words of appreciations to all the people who cheered them up throughout their outstanding carrier. We really hope that Masters Tomoyose Ryuko and Takamiyagi Shigeru will live long and spread their positive energy and knowledge.
Martial Art Biography of Master Tomoyose Ryuko
Martial Art Biography of Master Takamiyagi Shigeru

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