Announcement of Hanshi-10dan from Okikukai

We hope you and your family are all fine and good spirits this Summer season.
We had a Okikukai board members meeting on 17, June and decided to give The Honourable recognition(Hanshi 10dan) to Master Toshio Higa and master Nobuhide Asato by recommendation of The honourable president Ryuko Tomoyose.
Main reason of the recommendation for Master Nobuhide Asato is that he was the successive president of The Okikukai association and also he did great job on kenshu-kaikan construction before.
About Master Toshio Higa is that he engaged in public relations between Okinawa and overseas for long time and he left great accomplishment to improving Okikukai overseas branches.
And we talked about the accomplishment of Master Jack Summers who instructed Okinawa karate to many Okikukai members in USA for long time and exerted to improving Okikukai association in the world. We decided to give The honourable recognition(Hanshi 10dan) to Master Jack Summers after checking Master Summers situation(health condition) and the procedures of paper work (Karate History and so on)for The honourable recognition.

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