The Greeting from New President(Master Toshio Higa)

 August 1, 2012

 To whom it may concern.

 On behalf of all members of Okinawa Karate-do association, as the president. I would like to extend my greeting to whole Karate members in foreign countries.

 Through the years our international friendship has grown and blossomed due to the dedication of those who care and understand the importance of sharing our ideas,believe and karate-do spirit.

 We would like to make every effort to develop more our traditional Karate-do in the future.

 I hope that in future a number of Karate-do association in internal and internal countries will grow and be active and dedicated.

               My best wishes to you all.

               Toshio Higa
               New president of Okinawa Karate-do association.

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