Master Asato for director of “Society for Promotion of Karatedo of Okinawa Prefecture”
On April 28 (sat), new posts are announced on general meeting of “Society for Promotion of Karatedo of Okinawa Prefecture”, by vice-director, Mr.Shinzato.
Master Asato (9th dan) of OKIKUKAI has been announced to be new director.
Master Asato succeeded Master Takamiyagi (10th dan), also from OKIKUKAI.
Mr. Shinzato stated that active role of new director is expected.
On the same day, after the meeting, karate masters of Okinawa gathered on party. Many members of OKIKUKAI participated on party celebrate this occasion. Party started with traditional Okinawan dance “Kagiya de Fu” performed by Mrs. Oshiro Nobuko, and after the greeting message of Governor of Okinawa, Mr. Nakaima and Mayor of Naha City, Mr. Onaga, honorary president of society Master Ryuko Tomoyose, has made congenial atmosphere on party with a toast.
The atmosphere of party is as follows

Ms. Oshiro Nobuko performance

Greeting speech of President of Society (Governor of Okinawa)

Welcome speech (Mayor of Naha city)

Toast (Tomoyose, honorary president)

Atmosphere of party

Atmosphere of party

Atmosphere of party

Commemorative photo

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