Haisai all members of Okikukai in all over the world from morning Okinawa.

I hope you and your family are all fine and good spirits this spring season.
Okikukai had a general meeting of 2012 fiscal year on 22nd April and decided new president,vice presidents, the chairperson of a board of directors.(Their term is 2years:fron April 2012 to March 2014)
They are as following:
president-Master Toshio Higa
Vice-Chairman Takashi Arakaki,Yoshiharu Matsushima,Keicho Tobaru
Chief-Director Sakae Uechi
Auditor Yoshimitsu Nakazato,Hajime Kinjyo
Also we decided new planning of 2012 fiscal year.
They are as following:
Spring regular dan-test-20th May
34th kids Okikukai karate-do Championship Tournament-29th July.
45th Adult Okikukai Karate-do Championship Tournament-26th August.
2012 Okikukai world Karate-do Championship Tournament-4th November.
Autumn regular dan-test-11th November.
I wish all Okikukai members of the world love Karate and train hard in each country 2012 fiscal year.

Guburisabira! Sakae Uechi

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