All Okinawa Karate-Do Championship Tournament was held
 All 2011 Okinawa Karate-Do Championship Tournament was held at the Okinawa-City Budoukan on last Sunday , November 6.
There were 13 participants from 5 foreign countries; U.S.A., Serbia, Brazil, Russia, and China. There were also 12 participants from 9 other factions, Uechi-Ryu Karate Association, Uechi-Ryu Ramuses Club, Uechi-Ryu Karate Promotion Society, Uechi-Ryu Nakama Shubukan, Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Preservation Society, Jiteki-Juku, Kenshi-Kai, Shorin-Ryu Budokan, OB of Nishihara High School, OB of Yaeyama group.
36 participants in the Kumite and 30 skilled participants did an entry in the Kumite, and an exciting game developed.
The game was performed with a tournament method in both Kata and Kumite. At the Kata tournament in the Morning, Mr. Asao Nakasone of Okikukai accomplished two successive victories in the general part, Ms. Masako Shinjo of the Okikukai won the champion in the female part.
At the Kumite tournament in the afternoon, Mr. Hirokuni Takara of Okikukai won the championship.
In the overseas players, all of players fought well, but Mr. Hisashi Vuketlic Yamasaki from Serbia won 2nd place at the Kata, and Mr. Petrovic Nemanja from Serbia won 3rd place. Mr. Rogai from China accomplished 3rd place winning a prize at the Kumite.
Mr. Shinsuke Kuwana of Tokyo Fukagawa Dojo also accomplished the 3rd place prize at the Kumite. After the tournament, The participants from the foreign countries and outside the prefecture had the exchange meeting at the Kenshu-Kaikan.
Thank you very much to those who participated in the tournament, judges, volunteers, and the management staff.
Thank you very much for your encouragement in the hall.
The outlook for the tournament is as follows.


Prizewinners in the men’s Kata tournament

Prizewinners in the women’s Kata tournament

Prizewinners in the kumite tournament

Mr. Nakahodo, President gives the address

Officers and Judges

The guest speaker, Mr. Kunio Arakaki, village mayor of Kitanakagusuku gives address.

The Opening Ceremony

Mr. Shinmatsu Hamada, head judge requires attention

Male Kata















The tournament of Kata start

Female Kata







Sponsor’s performance, Prizewinners on the boys’ tournament

Sponsor’s performance High school student (Ryuichiro Ue)

Sponsor’s performance Sanchin-Kitae (Performer: Ms. Masako, Kitae: Mr. Seitoku Yonamine)

Guest’s performance (Bojutsu by Mr. Tsuneo Shimabukuro from Ryukyu Kobudo Shoseikai)

Performance by guest from USA

Performance by guest from Serbia

Performance by guest from Brazil

Performance by guest from Russia

The delegation of judges discuss before opening of the tournament

Delegation of players for Kumite

Delegation of players for Kumite

Player for Kumite

Player for Kumite













The final match for Kumite (Mr. Takara vs. Mr. Nakamine)

Prize-giving ceremony

Review by Mr. Inada, Senior Advisor

Headquarters seat

The teachers of the guest

General seat

The outlook for the watching games


Executives of society and Brazilian members

Serbia and Russian members

Ms. Uema and Ms. Yamauchi who care in charge of a certificate

Mr. Uechi, Chief Director announces the results

Mr. Yamashiro, Vice president makes a declaration at the closing

Exchanges at the Kenshu-Kaikan

The outlook for the exchanges

The outlook for the exchanges

The outlook for the exchanges

Mr. Kuwana from Tokyo Fukagawa gives the address

The tournament finishes and there is a toast to each other

Mr. Popovic from Serbia gives the address

Introduction of USA members

Introduction of Brazilian members

Introduction of foreign practitioners (Mr. Evgeny Rybin from Russia)

Interpreter between Japanese and English, Mr. Yamasaki Vukelic Hisashi from Serbia

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